Level Best Paralevel Skid Steer Blade

The Level Best system can grade up to 50,000 square feet in an eight-hour day without need for costly motor-graders, dozers, or tractor-loader backhoes. Other laser techniques require two to three people to achieve finish grade--the Level Best system requires only a single operator.

      The laser-controlled hydraulic system is also unique to the Level Best grading system. This hydraulic system utilizes digital-proportional valve bodies for greater accuracy and reliability than other systems on the market.


Features :

  • Constructed of 3/8" and 1/4" steel plate and heavy-wall steel tubing, the Level Best grading system is built to take daily abuse on a job site.
  • Large, Heavy-Duty Casters withstand years of punishment. Heavy-Duty Wheel Hub and Bearing Assemblies need only annual greasing, reducing maintenance time and cost.
  • Epoxy-Fiberglass Composite Bushings in all pivot points. This eliminates the need for greasing. The inexpensive, replaceable bushings wear instead of your grading box.
  • The Level Best's foam-filled tires eliminate blow-outs from hazards on the jobsite.
  • Cutting edges, made of long wearing high-carbon steel, can be reversed for twice the life or replaced in a matter of minutes.
  • Tough, long-lasting powder-coating ensures that a Level Best grader box will look great for years to come.