Level Best Tractor Box Blade

The Level Best laser grading box utilizes lasers, machine control technology, and a digital proportional valve to dramatically increase grade accuracy. Using this technology, operators can reach grade faster and easier. The Level Best laser grading box's accuracy allows for more precise material estimates which reduces overages and saves time.

The laser machine controls are easy to learn and use. As the operator grades, the system's receiver detects laser light from a rotating beacon and transmits a signal to the Level Best hydraulic controls. The proportional hydraulic valve uses the signal from the receiver and automatically lowers or raises the grader box to the required grade. Precise finish grade is attained when the on-grade light remains illuminated. The finish grade elevation is consistently level to within 1/4" or 1/8", depending on the laser system used and the deadband setting.

Features & Benefits
  • Long, 48" Draw Bar- The long draw bar maximizes the distance between the tractor axle and the wheels of the Level Best grading box, allowing you to reach grade faster.


  • Adjustable Top Link- A top link between the draw bar and the grade box allows the operator to adjust the pitch of the box. Adjusting the pitch of the box helps to keep the end plates from digging into graded material, making a neater finish.


  • Adjustable Hitch- An adjustable hitch accommodates the hitch heights of most tractors or trucks.


  • Retrofits to older Level Best Boxes- The draw bar option can be retrofitted to older Level Best boxes. Converting an older box to the draw bar option requires only one hour.