Navcom RT-3010S




This geodetic-quality RTK GPS sensor provides high performance in a robust package. A fully integrated solution with 64MB of internal memory and a built-in SSR radio, it’s ideally suited as a pole-mounted RTK rover or a tripod-mounted RTK base station, providing rapid centimeter-level accuracy. NavCom’s RTK algorithm provides fast initialization, and the NCT ultra-compact binary data format for RTK ensures robust data throughput on the built-in spread spectrum radio or third party radio solution.

The RT-3010S supports high-precision survey applications such as:

  • Construction Stakeout

  • Boundary Surveys

  • Machine Control

  • High-Order Control Surveys

  • Topographic Surveys



  • TruBlu™ Wireless Connectivity, Bluetooth® compatible
  • Fully integrated receiver in robust housing

  • "All-in-view" tracking on 26 channels (12 L1 / L2 GPS + 2 SBAS)

  • 2 dedicated WAAS / EGNOS channels

  • L1 & L2 full wavelength carrier phase tracking

  • C/A, P1 & P2 code tracking

  • RTK processing with on-the-fly initialization

  • User-configurable as base or rover

  • User-programmable measurement and navigation data rates

  • Integrated Spread Spectrum Radio (SSR)

  • Two “hot-swappable”, rechargeable lightweight battery packs

  • 64MB internal memory for data recording

  • NavCom's ultra-compact RTK format, RTCM, CMR, or CMR+

  • Output NMEA 0183 or NavCom binary format

  • Superior interference suppression

  • Patented multipath rejection

  • LED Display for GPS, link, base, and batteries


Product Benefits:

  • Proven 4th-generation GPS engine: The RT-3010S uses our NCT-2100D GPS Engine — incorporating the fourth generation of our Touchstone™ ASIC family, of which more than 40,000 are in use worldwide. This proven receiver technology provides leading-edge interference suppression, multi-path mitigation, geodetic-quality measurements, and up to a 50Hz raw data rate.

  • High accuracy: A signal-to-noise ratio advantage over competing technology delivers improved real-time positioning with instantaneous centimeter-level accuracy. This is achieved by computing an independent solution at each epoch on a real GPS measurement. There is no interpolation at the rover, giving full accuracy even during high dynamics.

  • Configurable interface: The RT-3010S receiver is easily configured using the provided Windows®-based utility program. For system integrators needing maximum flexibility, the NCT binary user interface allows complete command and control of the GPS receiver and spread spectrum radio, enabling customization of the interface and receiver operation.

  • Excellent phase center stability: The antenna uses a dipole element with integral ground plane. Similar to a much larger choke ring antenna element, this antenna provides excellent phase center stability.

  • Flexibility: The RT-3010S can be used as either a base or a rover to meet your changing needs as the survey progresses. Plus, it can utilize NCT, RTCM, CMR, and CMR+ data streams from other base stations to minimize base-rover separation. In applications such as GIS where RTK is not needed, your base station can be used as another rover, each providing superior standalone accuracy via the two additional onboard WAAS / EGNOS channels, NavCom's enhanced SBAS algorithm, and dual-frequency GPS engine.

  • Rugged productivity: This high-performance solution is designed for productivity, with minimal setup time. Two hot-swappable, rechargeable batteries provide more than 15 hours of RTK performance, getting you through a full day of surveying on a single charge. The housing is rugged and waterproof, designed to survive a 2m-pole drop and to survive temporary immersion in water.