Sokkia C Series




Fast, easy-to-use accuracy.

Offering you the best of Sokkia’s renowned leveling technology, the C Series automatic levels are compact, solid, fast and user-friendly. Each level is easy to set up, simple to sight and resistant to vibration, shock and other environmental conditions. The C Series automatic levels guarantee superior performance regardless of weather conditions. All C Series automatic levels meet JIS grade 4 specifications for waterproofing, which complies with International Electrotechnical Commission Standard, Class IPX4.

Fast, easy set up and adjustment.

Setting up the level is fast and easy, even on angled, uneven surfaces. Set the level onto the tripod head, center the circular bubble, and away you go. Adjusting the reticle can be done just as easily—simply adjust one screw. Adjustments to the circular level vial can be made by adjusting two screws.

Easy distance estimation.

The stadia lines on the reticle can be used for simple distance measurement. Just multiply the difference on the rod between the top and bottom stadia lines by 100.
Precise Collimation. All C Series automatic levels incorporate an endless horizontal motion drive for fast and easy aiming. The telescope’s optics are bright and clear. The instruments can be used easily in confined locations with the exceptionally
short 1 foot (30 cm) minimum focus distance (from the center of the instrument).

Convenient horizontal angle measurement.

All C Series automatic levels are equipped with an easy-to-use horizontal circle for laying off and measuring angles (direct reading to 1). The display window is conveniently located on the instrument base directly below the eyepiece. Reliable compensator with magnetic damping system. Approximately level the instrument and the four-suspension wires and built-in magnetic damping action will ensure
stability and accuracy along the horizontal line of sight, even under rapidly changing atmospheric conditions, vibration and shock.